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Current Date—04/24/2018

Past Events

Nordweg Pop-Up Opening Party @ Fork Spoon Storefront
06:00 PM, 03/29/2018

Nordweg, the Brazilian luxury leather goods company is coming to the USA!

Please join us in celebrating the opening of their first pop-up shop concet in conjunction with Fork Spoon. The shop will be up for four weeks where you can see, feel and buy their handmade wallets, backpacks, briefcases and bags.

Fork Spoon and Nordweg have had a long relationship, starting with rebranding the company in 2015. The shop concept design is an extension of that relationship as Nordweg begins to expand.

We will be supplying Brazilian tunes, drinks and good times. The party is frpm 6pm until 9pm, and we hope to see you there!

See the Facebook event here: http://bit.ly/2CTrpjt

Design for Everyone: Principles of Typography @ Fork Spoon
02:00 PM, 02/17/2018

This lecture is meant to introduce the essential elements of typographic understanding to people who are unfamiliar with the art of typography or those looking to build a better foundation on past educational experiences. Participants will learn how to identify and appreciate the subtleties of letterforms, explore what objectively makes a typeface good or bad, understand and utilize the unique tonality that each typeface encapsulates, and explore the very important differences between calligraphy, hand lettering, and typography. Meets on Saturday, February 17th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.