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Architectural Graphics

by Francis D. K. Ching

Architectural Graphics Third Edition By Francis D.K. Ching "Graphics is an inseparable part of the design process," says Francis D.K. Ching, "an important tool that provides the designer with the means not only of presenting a design proposal, but also of communicating with oneself and others in the design studio." In his newly revised and expanded Third Edition of Architectural Graphics, Mr. Ching shows the student how to use graphic tools and drafting conventions to translate architectural ideas into effective visual representation. This Third Edition expands upon the wealth of illustrations and instruction that made this title a must-have for every beginning student of architecture and design. This classic guide has a new upright format, and covers: * Essential drafting principles * Architectural conventions for orthographic, paraline, and perspective drawings * Shade and shadow * Graphic symbols and lettering * Freehand sketching and diagramming * Presentation layouts Under the sure-handed guidance of Mr. Ching, you will develop the acute visual and manual skills that form the core of graphic communication. Here you will learn: * More precise ways of using line weight variation and tonal values to show depth * How to draw section views of building interiors * How to construct perspectives and accurate shade and shadows Clearly and beautifully, Architectural Graphics, Third Edition, demystifies the complexity of architectural concepts by presenting them in an intuitive graphic manner.

Publisher: Wiley, 1996-07-25